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The Fantastic Fishing Fairground of Fishyguy was a NationStates nation and member of Liberalia.


[edit] Nation

Flag: latinflag.jpg
Motto: "The Future is Fishy"
UN Category: Civil Rights Lovefest
Civil Rights: World Benchmark
Economy: Frightening
Political Freedoms: Widely Abused

[edit] History

Fishyguy began NationStates in August of 2005. After glancing through a few regions, he joined the region of The Whissssssscat Islands, and was soon involved in the region's government. His willingness to debate other members on the regional message board led to the creation of a regional forum. Although at one time The Whissssssscat Islands was home to over 100 nations, the loss of its founder and most government members led to a large and rapid decline. The forum fell into disuse, and all but a few members ceased to exist. The region had also been home to nations such as Julio Trigman, and other future members of Liberalia. Unbeknownst of these nations' significance, Fishyguy would also become a member of Liberalia.

In November of 2005, Fishyguy was invited to join a region called Roman Empire. There he participated in the region's Senate and military. He was appointed military leader for the region, and successfully organized and carried out several military take-overs of other larger regions. This practice, known as invading, has become much more difficult following the introduction of regional influence to NationStates. These regions would later be returned to a native delegate in return for allegiance to Roman Empire. In this way, Fishyguy helped expand the region's influence and membership, while offering protection from more destructive region griefing groups.

Fishyguy was unexpectantly forced to leave NationStates in early February 2006, due to unforseen personal problems at home, school, and work. His nation ceased to exist, and consequently, Roman Empire experienced a serious downturn in activity.

In June of 2006, Fishyguy resurrected his nation. Although invited to return to Roman Empire, he knew that invading would never again be the same, and he would have to end his days as military coordinator. He returned to The Whissssssscat Islands, which he always considered his true homeland, but found that there was no hope for recovery there. After floating through the Pacifics, he joined Gatesville, an organized bloc of nations dedicated to the opposition of the NSUN. Although agreeing with the spirit of the region, it was discouraging to see little productive being done at the top levels of government. While looking for a more UN participatory region to be involved with, Fishyguy received a recruitment message to Liberalia. Feeling dismayed with Gatesville, he gladly accepted.

[edit] Government

Fishyguy is a direct democracy, with no Head of State to speak of, although a Foreign Affairs Minister acts as a figurehead for the nation in international affairs. G.H. Fluff'n'Stuff has loyally served this position for several years, but old age is beginning to wear on him.

[edit] Liberalia

Fishyguy made the move to Liberalia in July of 2006. This finally seemed to be the democratic, government policy focused region he had always sought. He joined The Libertarian Party and became vocal in Parliament. Fishyguy later went on to serve as the Prime Minister of Liberalia (see Fishyguy Government) and oversaw a divisive period in the region's history. At the end of this term, Fishyguy left Liberalia after announcing his disappointment with the new government of Fernetti.

[edit] Service

Fishyguy was named a Commissar by the outgoing Prime Minister, RTI. After the August 2006 election, he was appointed Secretary of Culture and later Secretary of Finance, as well as briefly acting as Deputy Speaker. He served as first General Secretary to the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples, an organization he helped start. Fishyguy became Regional Delegate to the United Nations and was elected Libertarian Party Chairman in September, following the resignation of False Light. In October, he was made a Christmas Revolutionary by Fernetti. Fishyguy won the October 2006 Prime Minister election, and was elected Temporary Guardian that same month. In addition, he was a proud member of the Liberalia Militia, an occasional contributer to the Liberalia Tabloid, and had a house in Bahía Esmeralda.

[edit] Roleplay

Fishyguy had an active national newspaper, The Fishyguy Free Press, and was involved in a few international conflicts, such as the crisis in Kalikanna. The nation maintains a small but well trained army on a tight budget, and is solely committed to national defense. As such, Fishyguy tends to remain neutral in international conflict. However, the nation could have be drawn into war because of its mutual defense treaties with the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples and Carops.

[edit] Fishyguy Today

In January 2007 Fishyguy departed Liberalia and moved to Lichentia. He continues to be an active member of his new region.

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